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Vagrant Story is both one of my favorite games of all time and a game I consider to be one of the greatest ever made. I've never played anything quite like it, and given that we're coming up on 15 years after its release, that's saying something. It's such an interesting mix of genres — roleplaying, crafting, dungeon-crawling, platforming, and good old buttonmashy hack-and-slash — without any element seeming out of place. It's hard as hell, sure, but its complexity is what makes it a masterpiece. Plus, you know, it's got an incredible story.

I hadn't played the game in years, so I went to replay it when I started working on this site. While there were a few names I considered, I kept coming back to RISK ZERO. It's what you see most often in the corner of the screen as you play (at least you better hope you do), but I like to think that it's a good way to look at the game as a whole. Ashley enters Leá Monde expecting a mission that, while not risk-free, to be fairly straightforward. What he gets is something else entirely. I may change the name later if I think of something better, but for now I like it.

Resources used in the layout come from chunhees, chodingdino, and chamberten (defunct).


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I'm happy to affiliate with fanlistings for similar RPGs, as well as any fanlisting related to an Ivalice subject. Contact me if you're interested in affiliation.

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